Sanell Aggenbach

Sanell Aggenbach (1975 - ) lives and works in Woodstock, Cape Town. Through painting, printmaking, and sculpture, her work addresses the relationship between history and private narratives and explores nostalgia and mythmaking. Her unique style combines traditional painting techniques with sculptural elements as well as crafts such as sewing and tapestry. Since 2003, Aggenbach has focused mainly on subverted feminine tropes and feminist themes. Her sculptural work, which is primarily in bronze, often parodies Western masterpieces (from Michelangelo, Henry Moore, Warhol, and Pierneef ) to take a refreshing look from a woman’s perspective. Aggenbach’s explorative work has secured her many achievements including winning the Absa L’Atelier Award in 2003 and is represented in numerous public and private collections, in South Africa and abroad.