Jürgen Schadeberg

Jürgen Schadeberg (1931 – 2020) Born in Berlin, Germany, and raised by his mother as the only child in a single-parent family of limited means, Jürgen Schadeberg studied at the School of Optic and Phototechnic in Berlin and then worked as an apprentice for the German Press Agency. In 1950, aged 19, he moved to South Africa to join his mother and stepfather and not long after arriving, joined Drum magazine as their official photographer and layout artist. After leaving Drum in 1959, he pursued a career as a freelancer, and in 1964, moved to London to work as an editor. A year later, he moved to Spain to focus on his career as an artist. In 1985, Africa called again and in 1994, he eventually attained his South African citizenship, only to live abroad again from 2007 until his death. In 2017, his memoir was published. It spans more than 70 years, incorporates a collection of some 200 000 negatives, and captures a wealth of timeless and iconic images that have been widely exhibited and showcased. Jürgen is acknowledged as a leading photographer and teacher, who was open and knowledgeable about black life and culture.