Clive van den Berg

Born in Zambia, Clive van den Berg (1956) is an artist, curator, and designer who equally enjoys working alone and collaboratively. Clive has a wealth of experience working on large-scale projects, including projects for the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Constitutional Hill, The Holocaust, and Genocide Centre. Nando’s has a significant large-scale mosaic of Clive’s that was commissioned as a site-specific artwork for Nando’s Kings Cross, UK. His 40-year practice has formed part of a small movement of artists pioneering the insertion of queer perspectives into the larger rewrite of South African history. He has had several solo exhibitions in South Africa, and his work is regularly exhibited abroad. Clive graduated from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa with a BA in Fine Art and features in a host of publications, selected articles, and reviews and he has numerous awards to his name.