Kagiso Patrick Mautloa

Kagiso Pat Mautloa (1952 - ) Born in the small town of Ventersdorp in South Africa, Pat Kagiso Mautloa (1952-)  lives and works in Johannesburg. He was a founding member of the Fordsburg Bag Factory (an art collective), where his studio is still based. While he was still at school, Pat studied art at the Jubilee Art Centre in 1969 and at the Johannesburg Mofolo Art Centre from 1970 - 1975. Hungry for more learning, he obtained a Fine Art Diploma from the ELC Art Centre in 1979 and has since shown his work in a number of exhibitions. Pat uses a wide range of media for his sculpture, collages and paintings. He is essentially an urban artist that is inspired by Johannesburg street culture, the people he meets there and the way the city constantly changes.