Nando’s and Sustainability

Going green!

You might see us as PERi-Red but going green is our future!

Since it’s our biggest market, we’ve started with the UK. Since 2015, we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our meals by 40%, and from November 2020 Nando’s UK has become completely carbon neutral. Meanwhile we’ll achieve zero emissions by 2030, meaning we’ll meet the latest climate science to help reduce global warming.

A holistic approach…

We’ve always wanted to make sure that our restaurants are not just beautiful spaces to be in, but that they also support their local communities and have a minimal impact on the planet. So we’ve also achieved an 85% recycled waste stream in the UK – as well as making sure our business there uses 100% renewable energy. And have donated 2.3 million meals through our No Chuckin’ Our Chicken scheme throughout our UK business. But it doesn’t stop there!

If you want to learn more about what we’re doing for the planet over in the UK

Tipping the balance

In the meantime, there are emissions that we simply can’t avoid so until they’re sorted, we’re going to completely balance our UK footprint through carbon offsetting projects. That’s why we’re backing forestry and cookstove projects to offset our carbon footprint, which help change the lives of people in our homeland of Southern Africa.

A more sustainable supply chain…

It’s no secret we like things a little spicy, but we’re about bringing heat to your plate, not the planet. As well as our own carbon footprint we’re working with our suppliers around the world to reduce theirs, we’re growing our plant-based menu, nurturing sustainability-focused partnerships and are cutting down on waste whenever we can, wherever we can.

Though we’re the first restaurant group to have our CO2 target validated by the International Science Based Targets Initiative in Europe – we’ve still got a long way to go to make Nando’s the eco-conscious business our planet needs. We’re determined to get there.

So watch this space!