Nando’s and Music

The soundtrack to your meal

It’s the sound of Southern Africa! You’ve probably noticed the vibrant beats when enjoying your PERi-PERi in one of our restaurants. Those are the fiery melodies of Afro-Luso you’re listening to – a unique fusion of African and Portuguese notes, with a few others in the mix too!

From Gqom to Afrobeats, we’re trying to nurture the growth of our homeland’s place on the world’s musical map, and fanning the flames of its most exciting musical talent. The sound of South Africa is unique, electrifying and fiery.


Flame Studios

We’re passionate about bringing together aspiring musical talent to collaborate and kick start their music careers. To bring that much-needed Southern African Spirit to the music industry we’ve been collaborating in spaces like Flame Studios in Johannesburg.

Flame Studios embodies the spirit of South Africa, a spirit of hope and resilience that is being channelled into the creative development of young people in a state-of-the-art creative hub and world-class recording studio built into the walls of an old prison. Behind its iconic red door, Flame Studios amplifies young voices to ensure they will be heard forever.

Bridges for Music!

Many people see music as the soul of the community. So, we’ve partnered with Bridges Academy in Cape Town, South Africa to inspire young creatives who might not have found music otherwise and help them bring their musical gifts to the world!

Out in vibrant Cape Town the not-for-profit organisation is empowering young South Africans with a creative education focused on entrepreneurship, music production, creative skills and building community.

Our Soho Studio

All the best ideas start over PERi-PERi (or so we heard). That’s why we’ve brought together two of our favourite things – chicken and tunes – for our first ever restaurant recording studio! From Soho to South Africa, we’ve had some awesome global talent use the studio.

Nestled downstairs in our buzzing Soho, London restaurant, the space has been designed for emerging talent to fuel their creativity and collaborate in familiar, relaxing surroundings inspired by the sounds of South Africa.