• Welcome to
    our home

  • "Minha casa é sua casa", or in English, our home is your home, and you, your family and friends will always enjoy a warm welcome at Nando’s.

    While each of our restaurants looks different, all of them have in common a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and delicious food. Earthy textures and colours reflect our sunny Afro-Portuguese heritage and on the walls, you’ll see original South African art. There are surprises and delights in every restaurant: you may come across chandeliers made from recycled bottles, quirky light fittings or perhaps a beautiful old door repurposed as a table.

    Speaking of tables, when you’re at ours, we love big, happy gatherings, seeing and hearing children and eating with your fingers is just fine!

    We’re also very proud to source furniture and light fittings from artisans and furniture makers in Southern Africa. We think that’s a great way to make a positive difference to creative communities who really need the support – while also furnishing our restaurants with fantastic items.

    Bom Provenito!

    (Enjoy your meal)

  • Take a tour

  • Wherever in the world you may be, we can’t wait to welcome you. So take a look and then make yourself at home.

  • The Nando’s
    art project

  • Born in Africa and taken to the world, there are many fascinating stories at Nando’s. One of them is a story of art, passion and love of a country. We wanted to create an art collection that would tell the story of contemporary South African culture and so in 2002, the Nando’s art project was born.

    The dream was to put Southern African art in all our restaurants around the world, to remind us of our roots and give artists – including many emerging artists - the chance to have their work on display.

    Ranging from oils and sculptures, to beadwork and weaving, we take pride in the fact that with thousands of gorgeous pieces, we’ve become the largest purchaser of South African contemporary art in the world. We’ve also been told that our collection is the largest outside of South Africa.

    As we grow, so too are the number of pieces in our collection. One by one, they will continue telling the story of the land of our birth and that’s a legacy we at Nando’s are incredibly proud of.

  • Afro-Luso

    • Pide Pide by Bajofondo
    • Seis de Cualquier Cosa by Go Lem System
    • Sabine Largam by Cesaria Evora
    • Garota De Impanema by Ituana
    • Samba de Verao by Marcos Valle
    • Ndakuvara by Oliver Mtukddzi
    • Amanece el Nuevo Ano by Polo Montanez
    • Mas Que Nada by Miriam Makeba
    • El Reloj de Pastora by Sierra Maestra

    You may also want to visit our Spotify playlist or visit Putumayo where you’ll find compilation CDs called Samba Bossa Nova and Nuevo Latino.