for Change

New beginnings…

Are what we believe in! At Nando’s, we’re working hard to be consciously inclusive about the people we hire. We’ve partnered with Yellow Ribbon, a rehabilitation charity, to work with ex-offenders in Singapore. We help their re-entry into society with career opportunities that make sure their past doesn’t affect their future. We’ve been hiring from Yellow Ribbon since 2014, with people working their way up from Nandoca all the way, in some cases, to restaurant manager.

Back on our home continent, our African Jobs Portal connects ambitious Africans struggling to find work with jobs overseas, where prospects can be better.


We found another opportunity to change, we combined the art of growing PERi-PERi with our mission to help change lives, particularly for small subsistence farmers who grow our magical chilli’s. Welcome to MaXamba.

Situated in an area called Marracuene (just north of the vibrant Maputo, Mozambique) our learning centre gives a majority female community life-changing training in PERi-PERi farming. This, together with a host of other life skills is what MaXamba does every day to help these women and subsequently their families build a more resilient life.