• The
    Nando’s culture

  • We have a saying at Nando’s and it’s simply this:

  • Nando’s is not just about the chicken. It’s never been just about the chicken. It’s about the people who make the chicken.

  • Inspired by our adventurous spirit and our values of Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity and Family, Nandocas - the name for people who work at Nando’s - are like a big, extended family.

    Like in every family, some are quieter than others, some are the life and soul of the party and others are somewhere in-between. At Nando’s, we love the fact that everyone is different, which is why everyone is welcome at our table!

    We’d like to think that the fact that Nando’s has been named the Best Large Company to work for in the UK, is not just testament to this belief; it says a lot about how amazing our Nandocas are.

  • Nando’s was named the Best Large Company to work for in the UK

  • Harambee

  • In South Africa, where unemployment numbers are really high, we’re working hard to make a difference.

    Harambee is a programme that recruits young unemployed South Africans, develops them and gives them the skills to get ready to enter the workplace. We’re pleased to say that, since 2012, more than 3,000 Harambee graduates have been given jobs at Nando’s. We’re working on similar programmes in other parts of the world using our South African model as inspiration.