Our Story

The story of PERi-PERi
is the story of Nando’s…

For centuries, the people of Southeast Africa have used PERi-PERi to bring fire to their food. It’s in Mozambique’s rich soil and blistering sunshine that the African Bird’s Eye Chilli grows into its fiery best. When Portuguese explorers arrived there, they were enchanted by its flavour. They added a squeeze of lemon and a kick of garlic and turned PERi-PERi into a very well-travelled spice. Which is how, many years later, it ended up in Rosettenville, Johannesburg.

One afternoon in 1987, two friends went for lunch at a humble Portuguese eatery. As their meal drew to a close, they knew they’d tasted something that had to be shared. PERi-PERi was about to make one more journey, from Rosettenville to the world. Thank you for sharing it with us.

As they say in Mozambique, bom proveito!

The spirit
of South
Africa 1987

Nando’s was founded around an important time for the people of South Africa as the country was growing towards equality and change. This was a time fueled by a spirit of unity, determination and a budding freedom.

That South Africa is known as The Rainbow Nation. We may have come a long way since then, but the spirit of that time is as strong now as it was when we first opened. It’s what has inspired us to fire up communities around the world, and today you can find Nando’s in over 20 countries!

Bringing the heat home!

We like to think of our restaurants as a home away from home. But even when you do (eventually) go home, you can bring us with you! We’re available in supermarkets, corner shops, on screens and sofas worldwide.

From restaurant delivery, delicious sauces, to entertaining YouTube series you can’t get enough of. Your PERi-PERi fix is never far!

With great


Comes great responsibility!

We’re on a mission to feed more than just appetites. We know PERi-PERi has the power to create change, not just tasty chicken, so we’re doing our best to make good things happen.

Fancy joining us?