Our Purpose

Changing lives, together

We use the power of PERi-PERi to bring people together and change lives. But for who? Well you, our customers, of course! But good business is about more than happy customers. It’s as much about the communities we operate in – we work hard to spark their creativity and make a positive difference wherever we can. We believe in the people that work for us – our Nandocas – encouraging their growth. And we support suppliers others might overlook, helping them on their journey – it’s win-win!

We believe in
The Nando’s Way.


These are the values that put the heart into our heat and light the fire in our bellies. You’ll find at least one of them at the root of everything Nando’s.

It’s the people that make the chicken!

We’re a people first kind of place… When they founded Nando’s, Robbie and Fernando didn’t just want to serve delicious food, they wanted to serve their people too. So, they, and those that followed, work hard to create opportunities and development for Nandocas far and wide.

The sun, soil and
spirit of South Africa

We champion the culture of our homeland. The original art on our walls, the vibrant design in our restaurants, the music we play, and the fiery food we serve – they all come from and are inspired by Southern Africa.

We share the very best of Southern Africa with you (there’s so much!) so that we can give back to and grow the place where it all began for us.