Our Look

Our look is inspired by our roots…
What do you think?

The Journey of Barcelos

Our famous cockerel, Barci, has been with us since the beginning. He may have changed a little over the years, but we all know age is just a state of mind. Have a peek!

The write

What inspires our iconic Nando’s font? The spirit of Southern Africa, of course!


Nando’s font takes its vision from traditional South African sign writing whilst giving us a font for our future. You’ll usually see it in our headlines, which are always tilted at an 87-degree angle. This angle honours the year Nando’s started, reminds us of our humble beginnings and how we always strive to be our best. The only way is up!

Noticing a pattern?

We hope so…

Silhouettes and patterns are big in African design, and in the Nando’s look! You’ll see them popping up everywhere. Designed by a South African collective, we love how they honour our roots and provide a feast for the eyes.


Slide 1

Slide 2

Slide 2

Painting the town PERi-red!

We’re so passionate about PERi-PERi that it’s our official colour! We asked colour specialist Manie Pietersen to discover the exact colour of our Nando’s African Bird’s Eye Chillies. Meet PERi-Red.

In a fiery world first, Manie nailed it with his wicked eye for colour.

Meet PERi-Red, which you’ll find everywhere at Nando’s. It’s in our logo, our design and even the thread on our uniforms.

For Nandocas,
by Nandocas

The secret to good design? Well, all the best stuff is made by the people it’s meant for. So, when the time came to renew our internal look (all of our documents, presentations, you name it) we let our brilliant Nandocas take the reins! Nandoca is our name for the amazing people that work at Nando’s, by the way.

True to our purpose, all of the graphic design found in Nando’s internal comms was made in collaboration with eager Nandocas with creative aspirations. With their natural talent for design and hunger to learn, they’ve created a fun, exciting look that best suits them. The whole project has made for some impressive entries to their portfolios, and some magnificent design for us!


Charles SA

Lucy UK

Lerato SA

Phillieppe UK

Ernest SA