PERi-PERi at Home!

From our kitchen to yours

All the PERi-PERi your heart desires is available to buy at leading supermarkets, online and of course, in our restaurants.

Delicious on almost anything, our range of sauces and spices combine flavour with heat that will satisfy soon-to-be PERi-PERi fans to the fiery heat seeker. There is something in our range for everyone!

Playing with
Fire & Flavour

At the heart of our PERi-PERi recipe lies a magic ingredient: the African Bird’s Eye Chilli, hand-picked from farms in Southern Africa. Blended with zesty sun-ripened lemons, onions, a pinch of spices and a generous kick of garlic, it bursts with delicious, one-of-a-kind flavour – followed by an addictive tingle of heat.

From our homeland to dinner tables (and lunchboxes!) around the world, our products bring the lively African spirit to the foods you love.

You know, we’re the #1 Hot Sauce in the UK, South Africa and Australia. (Not to brag or anything).

Choose your heat before you eat

We’ve got a wide range of flavours and heat levels for you to pick from – and our handy PERi-ometer’s always on-pack to help guide you.

Expect exciting flavour for delicious dinners, lunches and snacks – no matter the occasion.

And because we are suitable for a whole range of diets, people across the world love our flavour. Our sauces are free from added preservatives and other nasties – plus they’re Kosher, Halal, and suitable for vegetarians.

Fire up the ordinary into the extraordinary!

We may be famous for our delicious flame-grilled chicken, but you don’t have to stop there.

Try adding flavour to veggies or meat – and whether you’re dipping, dolloping, squeezing or seasoning, there’s a Nando’s sauce or spice to help you make any home-cooked meal extra mouth-watering.

Hungry for more?

Visit the local pages to find out where to buy your favourite PERi-PERi product in your country and tantalise your taste buds with exciting recipes.