Growing together
with PERi-Farms

We’re passionate about our chillies and the brilliant farmers that grow them which is why we’re working hard to create a responsibly sourced sauce! Nando’s chillies are grown exclusively on our PERi-farms, which work towards resilience and stability in their Southern African communities.

Our PERi-PERi doesn’t just taste like happiness, it helps create it too!

In 2008, we took a deeper dive into the source of our sauce, to make sure we were staying true to our Southern African roots.

We found that PERi-PERi chillies were grown by small-scale farmers in Southern Africa with limited resources and fluctuating prices, operating in areas where up to 73% of people lived below the poverty line

We knew we had the power to change that – so we did! We put together our PERi-Farms – a programme we’ve really put our heart and soul into over the years.

It’s the people that grow the PERi-PERi!

300 tons of dried PERi-PERi chillies a year! (Or thereabouts). We only source your chillies directly from independent farmers and we help them with finance and farming supplies, provide committed agricultural mentorship, and ensure reliable crop prices.

In return for all of this, Nando’s gets a stable, ethical, and sustainable supply of your PERi-PERi.

It’s win-win!

Our unique chillies are changing lives in our homeland. We started with just 6 farmers, so we’re ecstatic to now be partnered with over 1,000 PERi-farmers throughout Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa.

Through the PERi-Farms we are able to provide farmers with a fair and consistent payment per Kg, which is often used for improved housing conditions, access to education, healthcare and financial security. As a result, the PERi-Farms are playing a part in addressing the rural poverty we set out to reduce in 2008. We’re on a journey to work harder and to improve our partnerships – watch this space!

So, the next time you taste PERi-PERi, taste real happiness! See for yourself…