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You may see us as PERi-Red, but going green is our future.

Nando’s and Art

Besides PERi-PERi, our beautiful art sets us apart. It’s another way of bringing the extraordinary creativity of our homeland to you.

Nando’s and Design

We’re good at bringing great things together: PERi-PERi and chicken, emerging designers and mentorship, beautiful design and places to eat.

Opportunities for Change

We think that new beginnings are opportunities for change which is why we’re working hard to be consciously inclusive about the people we hire.


Young people are our future, so we believe in championing them and tackling youth unemployment at the same time.

Grillers’ Challenge

Every year, our top Grillers from around the world compete for flame and glory in our fiery Grillers’ Challenge competition.


With great PERi-PERi, comes great responsibility and we’re all about the people that grow it.

PERi-PERi at Home!

We’ve bottled our tasty little chillies so you can get your Nando’s fix wherever, whenever.